Even the Most Magical Place on Earth has its breakdowns.

TikTok user @momstersinc_ was stuck on the classic Walt Disney World boat ride It's A Small World for nearly an hour before Cast Members came to the rescue.

"A bucket list item we didn't know we had," the woman wrote over the video clip of her ride boat being evacuated.

In the clip, one Cast Member can be seen using a long steel pole to push the boats along, while another jumps into the stream of water to physically push the boats.

Cast Members helped the guests out of the boat one by one. Guests were then evacuated via an emergency exit, where they were greeted backstage by a Reedy Creek firetruck.

In the comments section, @momstersinc_ revealed that she and her fellow guests did have to listen to the ride's repetitive theme song while they were trapped on the boat.

"For about 40 minutes I would say," she explained. "They turned it off the last 15-20 mins before we got off, but the dolls were still dancing the whole time."

On a typical 16-hour operating day, the song is played 1,200 times on average.

In a follow-up TikTok, @momstersinc_ shared that everybody got a bottle of water along with two Lightning Lane passes to make up for the lost time.

The 240 dancing Animatronic dolls featured in the It's a Small World attraction reportedly remain on even after the park is closed.

An even creepier fact? The dolls get annual haircuts as their hair is made of yarn which stretches due to the humidity in Florida.

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