Demi Lovato revealed she didn't think she would return to music after her 2018 overdose.

The singer sat down for an interview with Andy Cohen on his SiriusXM show this week, in which she opened up about everything from her coming out story to her emotional performance at the 2020 Grammys Awards. She revealed she was very nervous about her comeback, mainly because she didn't believe it would be possible.

"That song, ['Anyone'], I knew that it represented that period in my life when everything hit the fan," Lovato explained. "I knew it represented everything I was going through, the vulnerability... I've never had a moment like this where I've sat down at a piano, or stood next to a piano, and sang my heart out."

"I thought, if I ever come back from this... I was still in the hospital," she continued. "I didn't know. If I ever come back from this... I want it to be at the Grammys and I want it to be this song."

Cohen then asked if she truly thought she may not return to music.

"Yeah, absolutely," Lovato responded. "It was a general [thought] though. We didn't know what was going to happen. We didn't know how healthy I would be when I left. It was a scary time in my life, for sure."

The 27-year-old pop star previously revealed she recorded "Anyone" just four days before her near-death experience, admitting the track was a "cry for help" during a very difficult time in her life. This is one of the reasons why she was overcome with emotion when she hit the stage at the Grammys.

"When I performed the song, I looked at the front row and I saw my mom and my two sisters, and I think having... seeing them in the front row just overwhelmed me with emotion," she shared. "Also, it was very much in my head, like, this is the first time you're on stage in a year and a half."

In fact, Lovato said performing the song brought her right back to the past.

"I had that voice in my head," she said. "And then, also, I put myself back in that hospital bed listening to that song, on little speakers in the ICU. I put myself back in that position and I was just overwhelmed."

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