There may not be a fanbase able to rival the "Bills Mafia" when it comes to being known for tailgating. Sure the New York Giants have great fans and the New York Jets fans are loyal to a fault but the Buffalo Bills fans are just different. The Bills Mafia is known for going extra crazy and even throwing themselves threw tables. Now that we know there won't be fans allowed at least the first two games for the Bills you'd think the high flying table smashing Red, White, and Blue pregame party would be canceled BUT you'd be wrong.

Look we all know that "NO ONE CIRCLES THE WAGONS LIKE THE BUFFALO BILLS" so why should we be shocked that the Mafia has found a way to party? Thanks to the tailgating will continue. The online betting site has come up with a "Tailgating Bubble" where fans will get a chance to rage pregame style SAFELY (not that people who get hammered and jump off vans through flaming tables are all that worried about safety). There's a registration process to limit the number of fans, gallons of hand sanitizer, and other safety protocols in place. As I've always said, "where there's Labatt Blue, a flaming table, and Bills Mafia there's away."

To help get you all in the mood here are some pics from last year's Bills training camp at St John Fischer College.

Bills Camp 2019

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