Happy relationships aren't just in the movies.  Now, everyday can't be perfect but there are things you can do to assure love and joy.  The following list from thestir.com reveals the eight things that couples should do everyday to keep the spark alive:

  1. Compliment each other
  2. Laugh
  3. Say I Love You
  4. Notice the little things - it shows that you really pay attention
  5. Put things in perspective - when you are feeling down remember the positive.  example: Money is tight but we have our health.
  6. Share your dreams
  7. Share something new about your day
  8. Kiss

The list seems easy enough.  Number two and number eight are my favorites.  I have to say, that "mention the little things" really goes a long way.  My husband always comments when I style my hair or get it cut.  It makes me feel pretty special that he notices.

Do you have a secret to making your relationship sizzle?  If you could add something to the list above, what would it be?  Leave a comment below.



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