Cooperstown may look less busy this summer at least until July 23rd. That's when Cooperstown Dreams Park will begin baseball summer camp for young baseball enthusiasts. This is much later than usual for the establishment which typically begins early in June. In an announcement made on the Cooperstown Dreams Park's website, officials say that the season will run from July 23 through August and this season is "the first step toward a full re-opening in 2022". Naturally, this is a big blow to the greater Cooperstown community which relies heavily on tourism dollars and the baseball camp is a large part of that revenue with families staying, eating and spending money in the area. According to, 500,000 people visit the Cooperstown Dreams Park each year. Obviously this year, that number will be greatly reduced with the very shortened season.

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In addition to that big announcement, officials from the camp also revealed that the Dreams Park will also be providing participants with the "full experience" which includes the following: no mask wearing, no social distancing, full family participation, campers being able to high five, shake hands with players after games, pin-trading and the ability to visit places with their family outside the facility grounds. So basically, it's a return to business as usual, even though it's a shortened season. Next year, officials are planning on a return to a full camp season.

For more information about this upcoming season at the Cooperstown Dreams Park, visit

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