Pathfinder Village in Edmeston which is a residential community and service provider for those with Down syndrome and other disabilities is bringing back a fun, family-oriented community event - the Splash Path 5k and Fun Walk, on October 2.

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The run/walk kicks off at 10 a.m. from Pathfinder Village and will head east on NYS 80 to Robinson Road. After turning around at one point, walkers and runners will return to Pathfinder Village's pavilion. Participants can expect a fun color burst of non-toxic race colors.

I love the idea of this race: runners and walkers will be wearing white t-shirts and safety glasses as they go through various color stations, getting splashed with beautiful colors.  How fun is that?!

CLICK HERE to register or just find out more.

This year's Splash Path will raise funds for the Pathfinder Produce Mobile Market, which delivers fresh fruits and vegetables to area communities. This wonderful program is possible because of a collaborative effort between Pathfinder Village and area agencies and healthcare partners to transport fresh fruits and vegetables to area families living in areas where it's difficult to access fresh food. The Mobile Market also creates meaningful, community-based vocational opportunities for adults with disabilities. It's a win-win for all involved and a great program to raise funds for so that it can continue.

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