The long-awaited ending to Cobra Kai may be awaited just a little bit longer.

Work on the sixth and final season has been paused, hopefully temporarily, by the WGA’s strike. The WGA (Writers Guild of America West) has been in negotiations for some time with the AMTPT (Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers), the organization that represents the major studios and streamers, including Cobra Kai’s home, Netflix. Following weeks of negotiations with little progress, members of the WGA have decided there was no choice but to strike.


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Writer’s strikes aren’t all that uncommon; we’ll just have to wait for both organizations to come to a compromise. The WGA is asking for a few things. Of course, higher and steadier pay is an important part, but a really interesting one is protection against A.I. writing tools. Maybe it will be a while before AI can truly simulate works of art created by humans, but it'll more than likely be sooner than we think.

Jon Hurwitz, the showrunner of Cobra Kai, took to Twitter to show his support for the striking writers, writing “we hate to strike, but if we must, we strike hard. Pencils down in the Cobra Kai writers room. No writers on set. These aren’t fun times, but it’s unfortunately necessary.The moment a fair deal is in place, we’ll get back to kicking ass. In the meantime, sending strength and support to the negotiating committee. You got this.”

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