In hard times, isn't it true that we find ourselves thinking back to "the good ol' days", especially when we were young adults, out in the world, in charge of our lives and having fun doing it? Saying that, I have no desire to return to my youth and relive those fun times, been there - done that, but now and again, it is fun to talk about it with friends I had during those days whom I still keep in touch with.

What typically comes up in conversation with those old friends is, "remember how much fun we used to have at __(fill in the bar or club)__?" Let's face it, "back in the day", Otsego County, especially Oneonta, had many more watering holes than it does now. In fact, for a long time, Oneonta definitely had a reputation as being a "party town".

I recently asked our Facebook friends "Name an Oneonta bar that's long gone" but also invited any bar in Otsego County to be listed as well. Below are the answers that were given. There may be bars long gone that were not mentioned and also keep in mind that I could not verify all of them.

  • Abner Double Days, Oneonta
  • The Alley, Oneonta
  • The Aquarium, Oneonta
  • Black Cat, Oneonta
  • Bold Dragoon, Cooperstown
  • Boomers Lounge at the Holiday Inn in Oneonta
  • The Brig, Oneonta
  • The Corner Bar, Oneonta
  • Country rock, close to West Laurens
  • The Dark Horse, Oneonta
  • Dusty’s, Cooperstown
  • East End Tavern, Oneonta
  • Evening Inn, Colliersville
  • Grandma’s, Oneonta
  • The General Clinton Pub, Oneonta
  • The Green Lantern, In Laurens
  • The Huddle, Oneonta
  • Jerry’s, Oneonta
  • The Library, Oneonta
  • Margaritaville, Oneonta
  • Murphy’s, Oneonta
  • Natty Bumpos, Cooperstown
  • Paradise Lost, Oneonta
  • Phoenix Mills, Oneonta
  • Pillars, Oneonta
  • The Ponderosa (not to be confused with the buffet restaurant that used to exist), Oneonta
  • The Pour house
  • The Rail, Oneonta
  • Red's Filling Station
  • Richie’s Den, Oneonta
  • River Street Tavern, Oneonta
  • The Riviera, Oneonta
  • The Robin’s Nest, close to West Laurens
  • The Rose Ave. Country Club, Oneonta
  • The Royal, Oneonta
  • The Silver Bullet, Oneonta
  • Spinner's, Oneonta
  • Todays, Oneonta
  • Tommy’s, Oneonta
  • Willys Tavern, Mt. Vision

Is that list bringing up any fun memories for you? I hope so. 😉

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