From 'American Idol' to political office? Well, stranger things have happened (like Kumar from 'Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle,' aka actor Kal Penn, becoming a White House staffer). Season 2 'American Idol' runner up Clay Aiken, who is openly gay, is considering running for office in 2014.

Aiken, who is 35 and a Raleigh native, lost the 'Idol' crown in 2003 to Ruben Studdard. He is now said to be actively considering a bid to represent North Carolina’s 2nd congressional district in the U.S. House.

Sources familiar with the singer's plans confirmed the news and say he is taking all of the necessary steps, such as talking to campaign committees and acting like a potential candidate, to launch his political career. He is also supposedly working with a political strategist and has met with pollsters.

This all sounds pretty serious and like Aiken, who is also a father to a young son named Parker, is doing everything he needs to do in order to become a public servant.

Congressman Aiken. Does that have a ring to it? Would you vote for Aiken? It's not like the singer isn't used to being a public figure and in the hot seat!

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