Would you eat a chicken McNuggets pasta dish?

Content creator Danny Kim challenged chef Amy Brandwein to transform a Happy Meal containing nuggets, fries, sweet and sour sauce, and two apple pies into something gourmet in a viral TikTok.

First, Brandwein begins by making a paste before blending the French fries with said paste.

She livens up the fry mixture by adding salt and Parmesan cheese, which doesn't seem too wild.

But what comes next left many viewers shook: she mixes the chicken McNuggets with the apple pie filling.

It's then revealed the McNugget and apple mix is the filling for the tortellini.

Brandwein breezes through frying up the pie crusts as breadcrumbs and creates an elevated sweet and sour sauce for the plating.

Meanwhile, she also adds fresh apple to the dish and transforms the fries from the beginning of the video into a French dish called "pommes dauphine," which get fried and dusted with sugar.

See the full recipe video below:

The journey from Happy Meal to gourmet pasta is certainly an unexpected one, and it left viewers fascinated. The video has over 1.7 million views to date.

Naturally, the recipe garnered a big response from viewers on social media.

"Not me thinking they were just gonna deconstruct and reconstruct it," a TikTok user commented.

"Bro all that food turned into 3 pieces of pasta," someone else noted.

"No one gonna talk [about] how much went into that and how little it was," another user agreed.

While many viewers weren't all too impressed by the transformation, others were intrigued.

"This is an unexpectedly interesting thread," one user tweeted.

"If this left you 'raging' you need therapy," another wrote.

Meanwhile, some viewers weren't even interested in the bizarre meal, but rather the fact that the chef looks similar to Dance Moms stars Jill Vertes and Melissa Gisoni, the mothers of Kendall and Maddie, respectfully.

"She kinda looks like Maddie Ziegler’s mum?" a commenter pointed out on TikTok.

"She looks [like] Jill from dance moms," another wrote.

Check out more reactions to the meal, McGourmet below:

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