Newcomer Chase Bryant is one of the many talented artists who'll perform during the 2015 Taste of Country Music Festival this week, but he's probably the only one with such a unique guitar style who also so closely resembles James Dean.

The "Take It on Back" singer's set is on June 13 — he'll maintain his role as the opener for headliner and tourmate Tim McGraw — and when he hits the stage, Bryant will be armed with his newest single, "Little Bit of You." The song tells the true story of one girl he just couldn't get enough of.

“It wasn’t a ‘hookup’ song as some people have called it,” Bryant says, laughing as he adds that his mom wouldn't have liked that. “It was more needing that person or wanting that person so bad you can hardly stand it, and you’ll do anything you can to get there. I think it’s to put the car in drive and hit the gas and go fast as you can and do anything you gotta do to get there, or do anything to have her in your arms. That’s kind of what that was based around."

Bryant will also perform the incredibly catchy "Take It on Back" on the ToC Fest stage — a song which he knew was the perfect pick for his first single.

“It just felt good, you know?" he insists. "You have that feeling sometimes of something feels right, something tells you that that’s supposed to be right. Country radio was really generating toward that on radio tour and so were the listeners. To me, it just felt good. It just felt like that was the best definition of who I was when it came to the root of things."

Aside from his slick look, Bryant is becoming known for the very unique way he plays the guitar: upside down. When he was just a toddler, he picked up the instrument the wrong way, and somehow, it stuck with him. Even though it's an unusual way to shred, he still does it ... mostly because someone told him he couldn't.

“[It started] probably just because somebody told me I couldn’t do it," Bryant explains. "Therefore, I always had to do it that way. I wasn’t gonna let anybody tell me no. It’s just the way I picked it up and I picked it up the wrong way. You do a lot of things wrong in life and sometimes what’s wrong ends up being right. That’s just kind of how it always happened for me."

2015 marks this newcomer's first time playing our festival, and he's excited for it. “You hear of that festival as an artist all the time and you just kind of look forward to it when you get the phone call," Bryant says, adding that he's specifically looking forward to "rowdy crowds and good people."

This will also be his first time on Hunter Mountain, and even though the ski lift offers a beautiful view, he's not sure he'll take it for a ride. “I’m not the biggest fan of heights and putting my life in the hands of a high wire, but we’ll see what happens," he admits. We can't blame him, but rest assured that one thing he will do is take the stage before McGraw headlines. Bryant hopes to amazing things from the superstar while on the road with him.

“Tim is such a legend. Tim is a genius, he really is," the newcomer gushes. "When you look at his career — his songs were great, he was a guy’s guy and a ladies man. That’s what everybody wants to be. I think you go out in hopes to learn, 'What avenue am I taking to get to this point one day?' I think the big thing is just to watch and stare at his craft and understand how Tim became such an iconic figure in this industry."

Adds Bryant, "I want people to remember me by great songs and by great shows.”

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