Celine Dion and Ne-Yo proved to be an amazing -- if not unexpected -- pair in their 'Incredible' duet. Seven months after the song appeared on Celine's 'Loved Me Back to Life' album, the video has been released.

The visual mirrors the duet in that it begins by showing each singer crooning his or her part of the verse in separate locations. However, when Celine and Ne-Yo combine their incredible (no pun intended) vocals for the chorus, the two are captured together in a sweeping aerial shot.

Of course, the video is interspersed with awestruck images as well. A giraffe wandering through a city, street performers inspiring each other, teammates boosting morale. The juxtaposed scenes are as unexpected as the collaboration itself.

However, Celine and Ne-Yo have unbeatable chemistry. Celine's famous powerhouse vocals blend perfectly with Ne-Yo's silky-smooth tone. Ne-Yo clearly looks amazed to be singing alongside the legends. (How cute is his starstruck grin toward the end of the video?)

Watch Celine and Ne-Yo's 'Incredible' video above!