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The X-Files: The Truth Is Still Out There
The Truth Is Still Out There
by Sage Levene
It’s been a long 8 years since we were graced with a new Mulder and Scully story, which we received in the form of a movie- X Files: I Want To Believe. Before that we’d been left with syndicated reruns since the series finale …
Must Watch Netflix Series
by Lauren Pennino
Netflix is a common guilty pleasure shared by many. The addiction to television is continuing to grow, and Netflix is the one of the main causes for this addiction.
Meet Lauren!
Hey guys! My name is Lauren Pennino and I am Townsquare Media's newest intern. I am so excited to start working for the local Oneonta stations and to share with you guys all the latest trends, local events, and more using our social media sites...
Using Fashion for Motivation
Step 3- How to START and KEEP your New Year Resolution 
Using Fashion for Motivation
by Nick Sorrenti
So, I hope everyone enjoyed step 2 from last week. I just want to take a moment and stress about the importance of following a meal system. Not

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