Christmas, the holiday of many special days and traditions, also brings with it dozens of great Christmas movies. If you’re looking to spend time with loved ones and watch some fun movies, we have just the offer for you! 

You know you're gonna O.D. on Christmas movies anyway, so why not get PAID for it?  The website is looking for a "Chief Holiday Cheermeister" to watch 25 holiday movies in 25 days, and earn $2,500 and give you free subscriptions to seven streaming services.

Are you looking to make money? Did you want to review movies? Are you a fan of Christmas movies and think it would be fun?

A movie marathon can be pretty difficult. Make sure you pick films that are either relatively short or packed with joyous seasonal nostalgia. If you’re not much of a film buff, there are plenty of sites that can help you find appropriate holiday flicks—just enter Holiday movies into your streaming service of choice and see what comes up. Also, don’t forget to look at your own local listings; many local stations air these kinds of specials leading up to December 25th.

Here's the real question though.  We've all got our favorite Christmas movies.  I could name 5 that I've seen every year since their release.  But should you watch your favorites first?  Or wait until you're sick of Christmas movies to watch them?

On one hand it will get you started off on the right foot.  Feeling good about watching movies for money.  On the other hand, maybe waiting will push you through when this seems like a horrible idea.

The Worst Things You Can Eat or Drink Before Flying This Holiday

The holidays always brings their own set of challenges, but there’s no denying that traveling for the holiday makes things especially tricky. If you’re flying to go see family or friends, here are some things you definitely should NOT eat or drink right before hopping on a plane along with a couple ideas of good food for you to eat before a flight.

Winter is Coming...Here's What to Keep in Your Car to Keep you Safe

The Illinois State Police recently put out a post on social media reminding us that Winter is not too far away.

Extreme weather can have a devastating impact on driving conditions, especially when ice and snow are involved. Freezing rain, icy roads and white-out snow conditions can result in road hazards for drivers of all ages."

Here are their tips on keeping you & your family safe this season.

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