ARMYs all over the world are getting a special treat this holiday season. With four simple words, BTS teased their upcoming tour and sparked excitement all over social media.

"April 2020. Stay tuned." the band's twitter account posted on Monday night (September 23).

The post came with an image featuring rippled depictions of the members on top of a purple backdrop. Despite the small amount of information, the announcement sheds some light on what the South Korean group has coming in the new decade. Following the success of BTS' concert series, Love Yourself: Speak Yourself, fans are surely ready for a new set of live performances.

And even though there's no official word yet, there's a good chance there will be follow-up material to their chart-topping record, Map of the Soul: Persona, next spring, too!

Either way, fans are already speculating what the post means and are already starting to put away funds for a chance to get tickets.

As ARMYs wait for dates, they can ring in 2020 with BTS next week. The band is scheduled to perform during Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve on ABC.

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