Britney Spears has responded to 15-year-old son Jayden James Federline's tell-all interview about their strained relationship.

According to The Daily Mail, during an interview with documentary filmmaker Daphne Barak for ITV, Jayden explained why he and his brother, Sean Preston, 16, missed their mother's wedding to longtime love Sam Asghari over the summer.

"At the time it just wasn't a good time to go. I'm not saying that I'm not happy for her. I'm really happy for them, but she didn't invite the whole family and then if it was just going to be me and Preston, I just don't see how that situation would have ended on good terms," Jayden shared.

Jayden also spoke about Britney as a mother, revealing he thinks she "struggled giving us both attention and showing us equal love" in regard to her respective relationships with him and his older brother.

"I just want her to get better mentally. When she gets better I really want to see her again," he continued, adding he "100 percent" believes their relationship can "be fixed."

After Britney caught wind of Jayden's words, she took to Instagram to respond to his comments.

In a lengthy post, she wrote that her love for both of her sons "has no boundaries," though "it deeply saddens me to know his outcry of saying I wasn't up to his expectations as a mother."

She also responded to Jayden's comments about her mental health, telling the teen to "pick up a book and read" before he speaks about her mental capabilities and intelligence.

Britney also reminded Jayden that she has been supporting not only Jayden and Preston but also their father, Kevin Federline, financially for over a decade.

"I’m so happy I was able to carry 4 tours, judge X-Factor and WAAAY more… I did that for you. And Preston ... I helped your father who hasn’t had a job in 15 years," she wrote, adding, "I assume it is easier for you guys not to have someone check on you to make sure you’re doing your homework!!!!”

She concluded by asking the teen to "pause for a second remember where you came from !!! I hope you can look in the mirror and remember … you are my child and always will be !!!!”

Jayden has not responded to his mother's most recent comments as of publishing.

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