One woman took her bridal requests to the extreme by demanding her bridesmaids give her a hefty "donation" for her honeymoon, lose weight to fit a certain dress size and wear their nails and hair a very specific way.

A disgruntled bridesmaid took to Reddit showing the text message she allegedly received from the aforementioned bridezilla.

"Welcome to my bridal party, I'm so excited to marry the man of my dreams. As you know this is going to be a very different wedding," the message began, shared via Reddit. "We are hoping to do it outside and understand December is generally a cold month but in Oklahoma it's usually sunny and 70 degrees."

The bride-to-be then listed off an avalanche of demands, including that each bridesmaid wear a size 8 dress, even if it means losing weight.

"So if you're not a size 8, I recommend hitting the gym," she wrote, adding "no offense" for good measure.

She also noted a strict demand for their beauty routine: "Your nails to be cut short and uncolored. Hair needs to be shoulder length and straighten[ed] so if your hair is short get extensions. No fake tans."

The bride-to-be wrote there will be no children at the ceremony, except for the flower girl, who will "only be present to throw flowers [and] then her parents are taking her home."

She concluded the outrageous message by informing her bridesmaids she will be sending over her Venmo and Cash App information for those who haven't already "paid the $500 donation" towards her honeymoon in Hawaii.

The anonymous woman did acknowledge that her list of "demands" may seem like a lot, but that she wants her special day to be like she's "always pictured."


In the message, the bridezilla also revealed that her best friend got axed from the wedding party. According to the bridesmaid who exposed the text message, it was due to her being too pretty — and apparently too "dark."

"[Her best friend] is Native American and [has] beautiful dark skin. But [the bride] said she would stand out and the day is supposed to be about her. So [her best friend] agreed to just be a guest," she wrote. "This girl has been her little sidekick/assistant since high school and does whatever she is told and, even though this had to crush her, she still posts daily about how much she loves her and will be there no matter what."

The original poster also revealed she "officially dropped out of the bridal party" as she is a "size 12 with no plans on dropping to a size 8 by December."

Meanwhile, Reddit users blasted the bride-to-be.

"Can she just get a bunch of mannequins from the mall as bridesmaids instead? That's basically what she's demanding they act as," one person wrote.

Another simply commented: "The bride sounds selfish and toxic as hell."

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