A bride-to-be having a list of demands for guests at her wedding isn't an uncommon occurrence, but some brides are known for taking things a bit too far.

One woman was dubbed a "bridezilla" after sharing she asked her attendees to stick to a strict color scheme at the ceremony.

Samantha Twist shared her dress code via TikTok in a response to TikTok user @naireekianaphoto video's about "unconventional things I want to do for my wedding."

Samantha noted how her dress code sparked an "insane" amount of phone calls from guests who were outraged by her demands.

The bride explained she laid out the color scheme she had chosen for her wedding via her wedding website.

"Our theme colors are pink, black and near neutrals, if you are interested in color matching," the site read. "But most importantly, wear something you feel beautiful in."

She then gave some color swatch examples to avoid, which included red, orange, yellow and, of course, white.

Watch the clip here:

She noted that her rule sparked anger amongst friends and family.

"Basically everyone was outraged," she explained. "I got so much crap for posting this and one of my aunts even told me if I cared so much about what she wears she's just not going to show up."

She continued, "My mother-in-law was calling my husband, at the time fiancé, saying like what the heck is with Sam? Does she not understand that people don't have money to buy a whole new outfit?"

"Everyone basically thought I was the devil for asking them to wear near neutrals — although I think most people have either gray or beige or navy blue in their wardrobe," she continued. "But yeah, the amount of calls my husband especially got from our family members were insane."

Viewers were torn by her rules. Some agreed with her as it was her special day.

"Our dress code was formal. I honestly can’t stand people that show up in whatever to a wedding. It’s an important day, make an effort," a user wrote, while another commented: "For the 'it’s a lot to ask' ppl ... these are color options that pretty much everyone already owns! [And] it wasn’t a requirement! Black tie is harder."

Others, however, argued she was being a little over-the-top with her demands.

"I personally think it's ridiculous. The people attending aren't there to be your decor or whatever," a user wrote.

Another person sympathized with the woman, but thought she needed to calm down. "It’s an important day for you and a normal one for everyone else," they wrote. "Chill a bit. It’s more important that people come and have fun and celebrate with you."

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