Moving in with someone can help show you who the other person really is. However, you can never truly be prepared for what you might find out during the process.

Case in point, one man found out a lot of interesting new information about his partner after the two of them moved in together. For one, he discovered that he was dating the "human version of a golden retriever"... quite literally.

According to The Mirror, the man revealed on Reddit that his boyfriend likes to be treated like a dog.

"All in all, he is a really affectionate guy, but his overall personality just reminds me of a giant dog," he wrote.

"He's super affectionate, super smiley, and always looking for my affection," the man added of his boyfriend.

The man shared he to feeds into the dog-like behavior by rewarding his partner with praise for simply doing chores or eating his vegetables. As for what the particular praise is? Well, it comes in the form of treats or belly rubs.

"He will sulk if I don’t pay him enough attention, not in a manipulative way, but just in an 'I was waiting for you all day, your work takes so long, I miss you come hug me' way," the man explained.

He also shared that "sometimes when I leave and he’s out of stuff to do he will literally just sit and wait for me to come back."

The boyfriend even appears to act obedient like a dog by fetching the man things he may ask for.

"If I ask him to get me water, the paper... whatever at any hour he’ll do it, even if he grumbles a bit," he wrote. "Now, obviously, I don’t take advantage of that in any way and I do stuff for him too. The amount of time I spend spoiling him with affection and random stuff he wants is crazy but I love it."

Though the man described his boyfriend's behavior as "pretty unique," he can't help but question if it is "normal" and if he should continue to play into it.

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