This new feature will salute those businesses and places in our area that go the extra step to make our city inviting to all who pass by.  Nothing big, nothing earth-shaking, nothing dramatic.  Just the little things that please the eye and make us smile. 

For many years Oneonta boasted a magnificent old clock in a tower atop the Westcott block of buildings on Main Street.  When urban renewal came stomping through downtown in 1968, the buildings were torn down for a parking lot and the clock was put into storage.

For 40 years.

Finally the Oneonta Lions Club decided to dig out the clock mechanism, polish it up and "put it right in the front window" for all to see.  I love that a piece of Oneonta's glory past still survives and shows off its shiny mechanical beauty in the window of the walkway to the municipal parking lot. 

Just the little things in life, but oh so nice.

clock sign
clock guts

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