This years's Big Apple Crunch is coming October 24, 2013.  On this day, there will be an attempt to set the world's record for the "Most Particiapants in an Apple Crunching Event".  You can be a part the Big Apple Crunch by joining the Pure Catskills-SUNY Delhi team or sign up by yourself.

The Pure Catskills-SUNY Delhi team will meet at SUNY-Delhi's Farrell Center/Agora with the big bite at 1:15 p.m.  The Pure Catskills Crunch-SUNY Delhi Crunch Team is looking for 1,000 (or more) apple eaters to help GrowNYC reach 1-million crunchers on October 24.  Tara Collins of Pure Catskills tells us more:

If you aren't able to join the team, you can crunch by yourself.  For more information, contact Kristan Morley at or (607) 865-7090.

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