Netflix gives us an unbelievable amount of content right at our fingertips. There’s really something for everyone. And for some, that “something” is delving into a revolting true crime story. If there’s one genre Netflix has in spades, it’s crime documentaries. They can’t churn out enough of it.

And what’s not to love? While it can be nice to lose yourself in a fantasy world for a few hours, other times you need a cold splash of reality. There are some really stellar feature-length crime documentaries on Netflix, but this list focuses on titles that include multiple episodes. From intriguing to shocking to downright disturbing, there’s a wide range of true crime content on Netflix that’s ripe for binging. Here are Netflix’s ten best true crime documentary series. Just a suggestion: You might wanna leave the lights on when watching.

The 10 Best True Crime Documentary Series on Netflix

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