Don't settle for the blare of an ice cream truck's nursery rhyme siren or the maddening hum of an air conditioning unit to serve as your official soundtrack to summer — in 2018, pop music has delivered more than enough to get you through — so long as you've got a trusty set of noise-canceling headphones, anyway.

Only five months into the year, veteran pop acts like the Backstreet Boys, new queen of hip-hop Cardi B and promising vocal powerhouse Louisa Johnson have all released tracks that'll have you buzzing en route to the beach (or, if you're very lucky, your backyard pool). Artists have made magic themselves (Nicki Minaj) and in pairs (Rita Ora and Liam Payne); collectively, pop's A-list have arranged a playlist that's pretty much bulletproof.

Sure, there will be plenty more tracks to discuss once the weather cools and winter approaches, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. Below, PopCrush has collected our favorite pop songs of 2018 so far — check 'em all out and get to streaming!

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The Best Songs of 2018

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