While we may have to wait an extra year to feast our eyes on Avatar 2 (thanks, coronavirus) at least producer Jon Landau is keeping us updated with bits and pieces of behind the scenes info. The latest update comes in the form of new concept art that reveals a complex underwater vehicle called “The Crabsuit.” In the first photo, it’s pretty clear where the name came from — the machine has crab-like legs that appear on land. But as soon as it’s underwater, the Crabsuit becomes a no-nonsense submersible:

Last December, we got a peek at a different Avatar contraption called the Sea Dragon, a massive mothership that can carry multiple sea-faring vehicles at a time. Therefore, we can deduce that the Crabsuit might be stored on the Sea Dragon while not in use. As the official Avatar Twitter account mentions, there will be several more RDA vehicles to look forward to in the sequels.

Avatar at its core is about the war between man and nature. So if we’re getting impressive manmade vehicles such as the Crabsuit, we’ll most likely also be seeing a bump in the natural splendor of Pandora. Back in January, we saw a few pieces of concept art that revealed dazzling ocean landscapes and hinted at underwater worlds.

Avatar 2 was right on schedule for a December 2021 release date up until March, when production halted due to Covid-19. Three months later, director James Cameron got the green light to resume filming in New Zealand. Still, the setback means that Avatar 2 won’t come out until December 2022, with Avatar3, 4, and 5 spread out over the next decade.

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