Another owl from Otsego County is in the news after being hit by an ambulance and surviving a 3-mile ride to the hospital stuck in the grill.

AMR Cooperstown

An ambulance accidentally struck an owl as the crew was transporting a patient at the time.  Here's Paramedic Cassandra Patrick account of what happened via the AMR Cooperstown Facebook page:

"Hey, figured I’d share a very happy moment for me it’s not every day you get to save a life, let alone an animal’s life! While my partner was driving, he had an owl hit the grill of our ambulance. We didn’t think anything of it as it was a small animal and wouldn’t likely cause much of any damage. After dropping off our patient, we went out to check the damage. Little did we know we had carried that beautiful owl with its dinner it had just caught with us to Bassett, and it was injured! I contacted dispatch to find someone to get it because I wasn’t just going to let it die when we could save this beautiful creature! We placed the owl in a box for the deputy sheriff, who was going to help the creature for the night and bring him to a friend that will rehab him! I am so thankful we could save its life even if it was only a small, wonderful animal!"

Otsego County Sheriff's Office

The Otsego County Sheriff's Office assisted in helping the injured Barred Owl:

The owl was cared for and kept warm by the ambulance crew. The owl was turned over to Deputy Sheriff Sergeant Michael Stalter who transported the injured owl to local wildlife and raptor rehabilitator Doris Koop of Pittsfield where it received treatment for its injuries and appears to be responding well.

Due to the nature of the injuries, the Sheriff's Office says the owl will not be able to return to the wild but may find its place in a wildlife educational program where it may be used to educate the public on raptor conservation and allow the public to view these beautiful animals.

The Barred Owl, also called the hoot owl, is a large species and quite a contrast to the other famous owl from the area, Rocky, a Saw-whet owl, one of the smallest owls in the northeast.

Rocky is the Oneonta owl that hitched a ride to New York City tucked inside the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree. Rocky will not come back to Oneonta but will find a new territory on the grounds of Ravensbeard Wildlife Center.

Credit: Ravensbeard Wildlife Center

Rocky's picture is being used for fundraisers, including one for the Stevens-Swan Humane Society and available at Utica Coffee Roasters in Utica and Clinton, Max's Print Shop in Marcy, Piggy Pats in Washington Mills, and online at

Photo Credit - Jerry Kraus

We would like to thank Paramedic Cassandra Patrick, EMT Jeremy Bostiwck, Sheriff Sergeant Michael Stalter, and everyone involved who was involved in rescuing and saving both of the owls.

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