Episode 4 of Andor takes us deeper into the early days of the Rebellion, and shows us not only Cassian Andor’s role in the Rebel Alliance, but also reveals how Rebels undercover in the Empire began to move against Palpatine. And if you listen carefully during this episode you’ll hear references to numerous planets that we already know from past Star Wars movies, like the Ryloth Sector, the Abrion Sector, and Scarif, the site of the final battle in Rogue One which, as we all know, was a pretty important location in Cassian Andor’s life.

But that’s just one of the many Easter eggs, hidden references, and little details you might have missed in this week’s Andor. In our latest Star Wars video, we break them all down. We look at how Imperial power was split amongst many people (and why there were so few women in those roles), we dive into the backstory behind Kyber crystal, and how Mon Mothma’s apartment furnishings subtly reference the history of the Old Republic. See them all below:

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