Adele has been quite a busy Voice Of A Generation: From performing to a sold out Radio City Music Hall to dropping her full-length return to form (25), which is now on track to possibly/probably break the record for first-week sales in the U.S. (just one of a million records she'll shatter, surely), the "Rolling In The Deep" icon is truly back in a big way — bigger than ever, in fact. And last night, she decided to chill us to the bone — on an already quite brisk Saturday evening, no less — with her masterful pipes on the stage of Saturday Night Live. 

After poking fun at her "Hello" flip-phone in the promos leading up to last night's show, the singer performed a spot-on rendition of the record-breaking stunner as her first song of the night. Later on, she performed soaring 25 highlight, "When We Were Young." It sort of goes without saying that she was incredible as usual, but...oh, look! I've already said it.

And what would a pre-Thanksgiving SNL be without some seasonal satire?

With the help of "Hello," the cast showed us exactly what might happen when you hit play on Adele's latest smash in the middle of one of those awful, awkward heated political debates 'round the turkey with your extended family. It was also probably the best thing to come out of last night's show, aside from those two performances. Thanks, Adele!

This was Adele's second time performing on the show: In 2008, she performed "Chasing Pavements" and "Cold Shoulder" off of 19, back when the world had no idea what was coming before the thunderous success of 21.

Hope you had fun laughing and sobbing through your Saturday night.

Adele, From Her First Album to Now: