Here are a few mental health reminders to help us get through as we deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

The COVID 19 virus has uprooted all our lives and as we continue with the Stay Home order, it is important to keep our mental health in check with a few easy helpful tips.

Get Dressed

Get out of those jammies and put on something fabulous. If you are working from home it’s easy to live in your PJ’s but actually wearing something fitted will help your mind differentiate day wear from relaxed wear, even if you are staying home.

Eat New Healthy Recipes

Try adding more vegetables and fruits to your diet. It’s easy to go through a whole bag of chips during quarantine but by incorporating new healthy recipes you will keep your body healthy.

Get Creative

There are a million ways to stay creative, whether it’s a DIY project around your home or getting creative by painting, drawing, building, sewing, or revisiting old activities that will lift your spirits and relax the mind.

Stay Connected

Even though we cannot visit our friends or family members – you can still reach out by making a call or video chatting. You can even mail a letter to your loved ones that will, in turn, give all parties something to look forward to when the mail arrives.

Do Your Hair / Makeup

Self-care is super important right now. Try a new face mask or experiment with new make-up and hairstyles. Wearing makeup and doing your hair will give a sense of normalcy even if you are at home.

Get Some Fresh Air

Although our outdoor activities might be limited right now – going for a walk around your neighborhood or just sitting outdoors on your porch or back yard will not only help get some much needed Vitamin D but it will also help your mental state.


Everyone seems to be glued to social media or the news with so much information on the current status of COVID 19 around the world. We could all use some time off from all that and focus on your family or yourself to avoid getting overwhelmed.

Reach Out

During these uncertain times it is easy to feel overwhelmed and insecure about what is going on in the world however there are outlets that can help even under the stay home order. For those who are suffering from anxiety or depression and need some to talk to during this difficult time, there is help – CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION


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