Sports plays a big part in the history and story of Upstate New York.  Take baseball, for example. The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Cooperstown attracts 200,000 visitors each year.  Many on the following list are enshrined in Cooperstown.

Great, legendary football teams, both college and professional, are located in Upstate, and they too are remembered in this list of great sports stars born in our region.

From baseball, to golf, boxing, football, track and field, horse racing, Olympics and more, this is an amazing list of names that have been ripped from the sports headlines of the last century.  And all of them were born right here in Upstate New York!

The 20 Most Iconic Athletes Born in Upstate New York

If you think upstate New York isn't a premier sports location, you're wrong There have been many athletes born in the region -- many of which are legends in their respective sports.

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