Is there anything more annoying than those calls about your extended car warranty? They are never-ending. Weekends, late nights, and sometimes several times a day. Enough is enough!

The robocalls just keep coming. And whoever is behind them is getting sneakier. Remember the good ole days when you knew it was a telemarketer from the 1-800 number? Not anymore. These calls are now coming with local area codes, trying to fool you into thinking it's from someone you know. The numbers are constantly changing too. It's not like you can block one and they'll go away. It just comes back as another local number.

It keeps coming too. Every day. All-day. The extended car warranty robocalls are relentless. Usually, for a car you don't even own. Is anyone really falling for this?

I never thought I'd say this, but I miss the calls about winning a free vacation. At least those gave you a half-second of joy before you realized what they really were.

The next time someone calls about my extended car warranty, on a car I don't even own, I'll give my card number to sign up. It's 3-2-1....we're live on the air to talk about the snake oil you're selling.

If you want to get in touch, you're better off texting, because all calls that show up with only a number now go straight to voicemail. I'm done answering the phone. Who calls anyone anymore anyway, besides the damn extended car warranty people?

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