A new survey from SWNS asked people to name the most annoying things that happen at the office.  Here's what people said . . .

1.  Coworkers talking too loudly while you're trying to work.
2.  People who cough or sneeze without covering their mouth.
3.  Coworkers who come into work even though they're sick.
4.  Slow computers.
5.  I.T. issues.
6.  Smelly bathrooms.
7.  People who leave dirty dishes in the work sink.
8.  When you're in the bathroom and realize someone didn't wash their hands.
9.  Gross toilet seats, or toilet bowls.
10.  When your computer keeps crashing.

We've got some pretty considerate people here at the radio station.  So, while I couldn't agree with all 10 of these annoyances...I did find a few to expand on:

1.  Coworkers talking too loudly while you're trying to work.  Much like the previous survey, I have to agree.  But for some reason it only happens when I'm on the air...and a giant bright light that says "ON AIR" is making them squint.

6.  Smelly bathrooms.  More like smelly hallways.  It doesn't happen quite as often since we got new bathrooms added...but when there was only 2 bathrooms for the whole building...and they were right in the hallway where we get to lead clients to do production...it was super embarrassing to have to spray air freshener as we walked through a cloud.

Reading the big list above makes me appreciate my co-workers.  Even the ones who leave the coffee pot on past noon and it ends up burning the bottom of the pot making the whole building smell like burnt coffee beans.

Time Stopped in the 70s at This Rock Island Home

This Rock Island home has just hit the market for just over $100,000. If you take a look inside you might feel like you're at Grandma's house. This home seems to be stuck in the 1970s.

Shag carpeting? Check. Bright avocado 70s green? Check. Drapes that cover not just the window, but the entire wall? Check. And my favorite; carpet in the kitchen AND bath? Check. Let's take a look inside this 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom affordable home that's for sale now in Rock Island.

Quad Cities Live Music Venues That Aren't Live Music Venues Anymore

Nostalgia Alert!.

We've compiled a quick list (by no means comprehensive) of venues in the Quad Cities that are no longer music venues but to us will ALWAYS hold a special place were we saw some great shows and made some incredible memories.

To many of us the live music scene wasn't just a concert here & there. It was an every weekend affair. And it didn't matter if it was a touring band or your buddy's band. We were going to be there with a beer in hand and scream along with guitars that were way too loud in a room that was improperly treated acoustically and make some bad decisions.

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