Top 8@8 Week Of December 29, 2014 [Videos]
Here is the weekly countdown of the hottest hits on the The Mix 103.9FM WSRK, Top 8@8.  Taylor Swift falls off the countdown with one single but she can "Shake It Off" because she has another single doing great.  Let's count'em down:
Amazing! Laurens raised $6000 with Drive One For your School
What a big day for Laurens Central School and Oneonta Ford!  Drive One For Your School was a HUGE success and thanks to your support...Laurens raised $6000.00!  Amazing!  I admit the weather worried me a little but  the afternoon was relatively dry and we even had a little sun...
Remembering Columbine
On this Date April 20,1999, The Columbine High School massacre occurred in Littleton, Colorado.  Two students, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, opened fire killing twelve classmates, a teacher, and themselves.